For Loops

Firstly I’d say I didn’t know I had to press Ctrl C to stop a program running. When I saw my first, second and third infinite loop I pooped my pants… and clicking the x in the corner closes everything, very annoying!

So here’s how a For Loop is set up, followed by an example.

I always learn more playing with examples and figuring out myself.

for (variable initialization; condition; variable update)


/* Do some awesome thing while the condition is true.


Example of a For Loop:

for ( int x=0; x<10; x++)


cout << x ;// code runs, adds 1 to x each time, stops when x=10.





2 thoughts on “For Loops

  1. Infinite loops are awesome 😉

    Whats the difference between your for loop and

    int x = 0;
    while (x < 10){
    your statement;

    Nothing? Or a performance difference maybe?

    • Yeah this would work the same. I’m going to do my next blog on while loops. But I’m not expert yet! ^^

      I think for simple examples like this it won’t make much of a difference, except your’re using five lines and in a for loop it would only be three.

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