Starting C++

This blog is just a place for me to store my notes all together, and to track my progress as I learn C++. 

First I decided to install an editor and compiler. I used Quincy at university, so I’ll continue on that. Easy to use, write a code, save, build, run… sorted.. and Ctrl C for that infinite loop!

To start writing code, open a C++ source file. And most beginner’s programs will begin with:

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main()


//write awesome code here


The double forward slash // is how you make comments in your code, when the code is run, these comments are ignored. You can also use:

/* multi-lined comments

Some more comments */


5 thoughts on “Starting C++

  1. Interesting to read. Why did you choose to start with C++ ? Do you program in other languages already?
    I just started programming in Java.

    • Hi, I studied Physics at uni, and C++ was part of my course, but I wasn’t super good at it. Recently I finished Python on Code Academy. Which is eeeeasy compared with C++. So I thought I should maybe brush up my skills, or start again with something I’m supposed to know. But I really want to Java too, really useful. How’s Java going? Have you studied anything else?

      • Hi also studied Physics 🙂 I’ve been working in Matlab before. java is going well so far, I’m following a MOOC from the university of Helsinki.
        I heart allot about Phython, is it like Matlab or way different?

      • I don’t know if I’ve done Matlab before O.o… sooo, I don’t know. It’s similar to c++, except it has lots of built in functions. What kind of Physics are you? I’m Particle ^^*

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